Monday, June 27, 2011


Last Thursday I came up to visit with my cousin's, Megan and Morgan. These two may be twins but they are one of a kind. Morgan is an Eco friendly, animal loving, vegetarian. Megan loves music, animals as well, and hates when people have anything to do with drama. They're both short but they're personalities totally make up for it. They've been together since birth, and hate each other with a Passion that grows every day. Ha ha! I've even heard stories of Megan chasing Morgan through the house with a knife in hand. Last night they're friend Hanna came over. Hanna is an extremely tall, model material, well... Teenage girl explains her perfectly. Last night we all piled up on the couch to watch the movies we rented. One of the happened to be "Into The Wild" Hanna passed out not even half way through. She had to work the next day. This movie really inspired me to be better to Mother Earth. I talked about it a little with Morgan. See I've lived on a cattle farm my entire life. I've been raised knowing god made animals for us to eat. But does it say they have to be miserable while they're alive? No. When I was a baby my mom raised Holstein cows and milked them. Now we just raise black Angus, but we raise one Holstein steer at a time for meat. I told Morgan I wanted to be more Eco-friendly when I eat. She told me, "If you don't want to go full vegetarian, then just eat meat at home. Don't eat it where they're from commercial farms." So, I think I'm going to take that advice. I am also reading one of the books Morgan owns. It is called "Sleeping Naked is Green." I'm going to read this and take advice from it. The book describes a girl who has never been "green" or "Eco-friendly" in her life but make one change for the better every day for a year. This, in a way, describes me. I live on a farm where we have 50 cows, 2 horses, LOTS of hay, and EVEN MORE farm equipment. From Spring to the end of Fall we're running this equipment. There's two ways you could look at it. You could look at it and say "How horrible for the environment!!" or you could look at it in the way I do. These big tractors make a big crop of hay, corn, wheat, and soy bean. These crops make up for very healthy things. Hay to feed the cows and horses on small little farms like mine. Corn does that too. Wheat for whole grain which we all need. And soy bean to make tofu for all you environmentalists who are strong enough not to eat meat. :) When you've lived on a farm your entire life you get to see things like calves running around in the Spring, horses galloping through the fields. You get to see cows giving birth and helping them sometimes. Then sometimes you get to feel that horror when you see buzzards flying in a circle over your Field. You see the devastation of a drought on a working farm. You see what things like a tornado can destroy in less that 5 seconds. You understand the gift of life and you live yours helping the animals that live on your farms. They're may be so many wrong ways to farm. Like the way they do it out in places like California. But out here in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, These small farms who don't give they're animals hormones, but let them just live they're life until it's their time. This is how people should be getting they're meat. See, whether you care or not, your still being effected. We're not going to live forever. Why not live life the right way?

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