Thursday, April 29, 2010

Memphis In May :]

Hi everybody! I'm going to be at a music festival all weekend! WOO HOO! NO SCHOOL! I love school, but I need a break. Anyways. the music festival is called Memphis in may. There will be tons of bands there. I don't remember most of them, but some of them were Colby Caliat, 30 seconds to mars, Boys Like Girls, The Flaming Lips, and Puddle of Mudd. I am so very excited! I'm going with my Aunt Net, my cousins Megan and Morgan, and our friend Hannah. If anyone is going maybe I'll see you there, maybe I won't, or I might not even know. How would you know it was me? Oh yea, I have a picture ha ha! I do hope you have a great time though. To those who aren't going, have a great, and wonder filled weekend :].
About my last post; the one about the kitten... The poor baby died in my hands this morning. I went to go check up on it, and it was limp and it couldn't support it's head, although it was breathing. So I sat there, holding it until I had to leave. Mom came out of her room and told me to take it outside in case it had any fleas, because when it died they would all jump off and get in the house. Well, I had to take it outside, and she took care of it after I left to go to Tennessee with my Aunt. Well, we have to go to bed because we have to get up waaaay tooo early.
Katie Baby luvs U :]

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kitten days

My mom was feeding cows yesterday and heard little meows of distress. She followed the sound and found 6 little kittens in a puddle, five were dead. She brought me to take care of it. It is now my kitten and my responsibility. So, she had to go to a cow sell to sell some of our calves. I took the kitten in and the only box I saw was a pop tart box. Small, but big enough for a newborn kitten. So I got a town and put it in there and put the kitten in, and put my hand in the box to keep the kitten warm. Well, it went to sleep so I went inside(the kitten was in the garage) and waited for mom to get home. She got home and we fed it some carnation milk and made it pee. For you readers who've never taken care of a newborn kitten, you have to make them pee. They don't know how to yet so their mother licks them and it makes them pee. You pretty much do the same thing, but instead of your tongue you use a paper towel. Well, then we got a glass jar, and filler it full of hot water and wrapped it up in a towel. We got the kitten a bigger box, out the jar, and the kitten's towel in there. Then after we were sure the kitten was full and had finished peeing, we out it in the box, and went inside. If you didn't know kitten's have to be fed every couple of hours so, I had to get up at four this morning to take care of it. Then this afternoon when I got home from school I did the same. Then tonight. Well, tonight when the kitten was peeing I noticed it's butt hole was bleeding. I'm sure you don't want to hear that, but I'm worried and if anyone reads this and would know why, please tell me in some way. I'm worried about my little kitty. I had a calico kitten(this one is calico) when I was about six and I raised it because the mother abandoned it. She lived up until this fall. I am 14. I raised that cat from a bottle I spent every minute possible with her. I cried when she passed away. I'm not a cat lover other than kittens and Checkers(that was her name). She was the best cat I had ever known. R.I.P Checkers. But please pray for my little kitty. I'm already attached. Please pray :[ I know it's a cat but still...
Katie Baby luvs U.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I heart you GAGA

I am absolutely in love with Lady Gaga. She is my hero and idol. If anybody every says anything about her I always have something to say about her to back her up. I AM her #1 fan! I would give anything to meet her. I have done tons of research. Everything about her just motivates me to be my own person and only be Kate and no one else! It amazes me that she just came from practically nothing and made her way to fame in bars and clubs. She is so original! I can't stress what an impact she made on my life! She's my hero! GO GAGA!!!!!!!
Katie Baby luvs U.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi everbody! I've blogged before, but nothing serious. Let's change that! :P I don't have a certain time in my mind for blogging, but maybe like ever other day? Sounds good to me! HA! Heard a couple new bands today! Well, I'm not sure they are new, but they're new tuh me! Uffie, Aqua, Feist, and Boffen.


Katie Baby luvs U!