Sunday, August 29, 2010

So, I started high school. It's okay. I'm doing a pretty good job at staying myself and not trying to fit in. It's stressful though. It makes it even worse when your in my situaltion... My parents are divorced. They have split custody. I go to Dad's house every other day, and every other weekend. It's stressful that I have to carry everything I own to school every day. It's stressful when I can't remember which bus to get on. This isn't some pitty sob story where I'm trying to make you feel bad for me. This is just the only place where I can say whatever I want to because someone I know can read it and tell my dad. I don't even think anyone reads this... I tried to tell my dad how hard it is, but he plays the guilt card and I give in every time. Idk...

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