Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not The Dreaded Laundry!!!

Ugh! Oh my god you guyzzz!!!! It's laundry day again!!! I have to babysit and do laundry all day!! But tomorrow Mom, G, and I are going to Chattanooga to go look for my Jr. high grad. dress!! I had a dream about the perfect one last night! Ha! It was imperial waist and the top was black and it had a purple sash at the waist then flowed down just below my knees. The bottom part was off white, and had little diamond/gems on it that looked like rain :D!!! We are also going out to eat for Mothers' Day!! Wish me luck finding my dream dress! She just asked if I would like to go on a trip just me and a friend to Washington State. I told her I would enjoy that very much! I just have to make sure My friend can pay for her ticket and we can go!! YAAAAY!!!
Katie Baby luvs U!

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